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||||||||||||||||| DR MARY HELEN HENSLEY BLOG


12 - An Epiphany of
Epi-Gastric Proportions

Anyone who has followed my posts since the start of the New Year has been kept up-to-speed and informed about my decision to do a series of liver and gall bladder cleanses. My digestive tract has been screaming at me for the last few years, sometimes whittling my diet down to lentils and lettuce leaves, lest I create an intestinal revolt of gastronomic proportions by stepping any way out of line. So I cleansed and I cleared and I cleansed again.

People remarked how fresh I looked, how my skin glowed and my shape began to transform. I must admit, it felt good in comparison to the usual comments about how tired and pale I looked. As one who is accustomed to ploughing through and getting things done regardless of my physical state, it felt foreign, strange even, to wake up in the morning refreshed, as opposed to dragging myself out of bed. So much so, that I wasn't sure if I could adjust to this new state of well-being as it was so not what I was conditioned to deal with.

I know as a doctor, a healer, a motivator that people expect to hear non-stop positivity about making healthy choices and the benefits of clean living. But I'm no ordinary spin doctor. I like to tell the truth about my experiences in hopes that other people will find some nugget of insight that allows them to love and accept themselves for who they are.

Yes, I do believe that making good choices for your body has a major impact on your quality of life. I see living proof of it every day in my work. But equally important, I feel that there is much wisdom to be gained, a deeper insight in to the human condition, to recognise, accept and integrate a more inclusive understanding of what actually 'makes us tick' as individuals.

Something happened the other day which highlights an area of study that is near and dear to my heart. I have noticed for quite some time now that people can attempt to make major changes in the way in which they nourish the body, through healthier food choices, moderation or elimination of processed or low vibration foods, yet still they struggle to achieve anything resembling an optimum state of health. It all hit me like the proverbial ton of sausages at my daughter's birthday party.

I was delighted that my friend, Sheila, and her daughter had come to celebrate the occasion with us. We were at the local bowling alley and while the kids were off blasting one another in the laser tag arena, Sheila and I had a precious few moments to catch up on our own. We have one of those great friendships which allows us to pick up wherever we left off, no matter how much time has passed.

She was filling me in on a bizarre set of circumstances that had just taken place in her life and I, in turn, filled her in on a different series of events which had resulted in a very similar set of feelings, in my own recent history. We had both been left, as a result, with the sensation of feeling accused of a crime we had not committed. Due to 'stuff' going on in other people's lives; we had been at the receiving end of some unpleasant projections of anger and resentment. We both spoke of how we had released and let go of any attachment to the outcome, with a willingness to store the experiences away in the "I can't control how others act, only how I react" files. While we spoke of these events, I was eating a very small piece of my daughter's birthday cake.

My oldest daughter had just turned eleven the week before. The kids were dressed as movie stars, they danced and laughed and I engaged in light-hearted banter with the other adults at the party. During this emotionally neutral occasion, I was completely in the present, with no deep conversations of hurt or the need for resolution of internal conflicts. During this time, I ate a large helping of birthday cake.

The night before this party, I had been on a rare night out on the town, long enough to see the sun starting to rise on the horizon. I was with my cousin and his friend, visiting from America. We joked and laughed and danced and indulged. The atmosphere was light and inviting. I had a large coke the following day; I think I even had a big, fat, burger and fries before I washed it all down with a substantial slice of scrumptious chocolate biscuit cake. Not my normal fare by any means. The end result was a full belly and a smile on my face.

Only a few short days later, there I was, nibbling a much smaller slice of cake, having eaten salad and drinking nothing but water for the day, when I engaged in a very in-depth conversation about an upsetting series of events which had not only taken place in my friend's life, but in my own, as well. I hadn't made it through more than a few bites of cake when the conversation was forced to a halt. Suddenly, I could feel my gall bladder starting to spasm and I took off for the bathroom like an Olympic sprinter, barely making it in time.


As I sat in the loo, the sounds of arcade games and squealing children echoing off the tiles, I realised exactly what was going on. The state of mind when eating anything is equally, if not more important, than what we are actually eating. Even the so-called healthiest of foods can be toxic to the human form if taken in excess or under strenuous circumstances. I've been a student and practitioner of the power of frequency and vibration for years now. I have understood the power of it, taught the effects of it, yet there, sitting in the bowling alley bathroom, the proverbial light bulb went click.

I have spent years watching fad diets come and go; most of them I've tried at one time or another. But something about that day, that moment, imprinted on my psyche the relevance of the state of mind in relation to the healthy assimilation of any food. While speaking to my friend about the upsetting circumstances which had taken place weeks earlier, I literally became the vibration of that which I was speaking about. I was no longer present, I was mirroring the feelings I had experienced, even though I had eventually come around to letting them go. But at that moment, the very moment that those few mouthfuls of cake were going in, I resonated with the feelings of hurt and confusion I had felt when this particular set of events had transpired. That cake didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of digesting peacefully.

On the flip side, a week earlier, when I really challenged my system with a huge pile of junk food throughout the course of the day, my mood, my conversation, and my internal frequency was one of joy and laughter. All of the food went down a treat, nourishing my body and soul with the same levity as the atmosphere in which it had been eaten.

I have come to realise that so many people have yet to fully accept the fact that they are actually here on planet Earth. Here in body, yes, but so many struggle with the idea that this realm is here to allow us to experience All Things. We have become so limited in our ability to go with the flow of life; to observe ourselves in such a way that would allow us to learn and grow from our challenges rather than constantly waging war with them.
The vast majority of us have been taught to believe that the great rewards are to be found after death, following a lifetime of struggle, self-loathing, including off and on loyalty to any number of belief systems about the mind, body and the safety of our immortal souls.
Did it ever occur to you that the great rewards for a spirit, temporarily experiencing the human condition, might be the incredible opportunity to live through the dichotomy of dark and light, only to wake up to the reality that to live at all, is the soul's great adventure? Imagine if we mastered the ability to stay present, in high vibration, not only when making choices about how we nourish our bodies, but in every interaction we make. Imagine that life for a moment.

For me, I learned a major lesson that day; not at the peak of some mystical mountain top, chanting ohms in lotus position, but sitting in the toilet of a bowling alley in the midlands of Ireland. Enlightenment has no preference when it comes to position or location.

My hope is that some tiny morsel of this story rings true within you. I'm all about making responsible choices when it comes to the health and happiness of the body, but I have also come to realise that while we can take tips and advice from those who know more about the inner workings of the body than we do, ultimately it is up to the individual to determine what resonates with who they really are and what way they want to experience life in the human form.

For me, from here out I will be far more concerned with my mental state of being than the state of what I'm eating. It stands to reason that higher vibration foods will assimilate much easier than those that are over-cooked, over processed and lifeless, but what good is it to place high vibe sustenance into a system that is so wrought with tension and anxiety that the body can't use it in mighty ways?

For my dear friends forever on a diet, or those who are constantly battling issues with digestion, assimilation and excretion; take a minute to breathe, check out your environment, how present you actually are, the next time something passes your lips. You may be surprised to find the answer to your woes is far less complex than the carbs you are eating.

Until next time…

Shine On

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