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||||||||||||||||| DR MARY HELEN HENSLEY BLOG

7 Any Moment can be your Car Crash Moment

Today’s lesson is inspired by a young boy of 12 who had the great insight/foresight to ask one of the most relevant, if not THE most relevant question I have been asked in all of my years as a teacher/student of the life experience.
While speaking to a very large group of 7th graders about self-esteem, worth and value, a beautiful soul, residing in the body of a curly-toped pre-teen put his hand up at the end of my talk and asked,
“Dr. Hensley, do you have to have a near death experience or nearly die in something like a car crash for your life to change?”
Momentarily stunned by the depth of this seemingly simple question, I gathered my wits and answered with this.
“Any moment can be your car crash moment. The very moment that you suddenly make the realisation that you are not defined by any single event and that EVERY event is not happening to you, but for you, can be the moment that everything in your life can change.”
It’s a concept that deserves of all of our attention, in that any “yeah, but…” or traumatic event that you could possibly extract from the past to use as an excuse for being anything less the divine being that you are, can be instantly be ratified by grasping this one simple idea. There are circumstances that we can classify as painful or pleasurable memories, which depending on how we have chosen to perceive them, can shape the lives that we lead today.
On the radio show that I co-host with the extremely gifted and talented human dynamo known as Vaishali, we had a caller ask about experiences she had as a child with ‘other-worldly’ forces in her home that she knew were real. Because she, or her parents, had no frame of reference with which to describe the footsteps and clatter that regularly took place in the family home, they were automatically categorised as products of her childish imagination. Even as a youngster, she knew that she had not conjured up these experiences. She allowed terror and shame to dictate her perceptions, placing them in a box of something to be feared. Because of this,

although she wanted to call on her angelic or spirit community for support, she opted not to, afraid that she may open up any variety of ‘spiritual encounters’ that might put her at risk or endanger her interactions with a so-called ‘normal’ life experience. Tonight, now a lady in her early sixties, she had a sudden realisation that her parent’s inability to give a suitable explanation had laid the foundation for a life that excluded a magical, supportive and healthy interaction with the world of Spirit. Just because her parent’s did not possess the tools to give her ample explanation, she formulated a perception of the Spirit world that left her feeling detached and afraid. Tonight was a car crash moment in her life.
I ask you, as you take the time to graciously read my musings on life, to look back into your own biography and take an honest evaluation of the times where magic and the sublime slipped through your fingers because you allowed someone else’s beliefs or lack thereof, to create the person that you are today. It’s not about blame or guilt or feeling hard done by because of the sometimes limited skill-set of those around you; quite the contrary. It’s about making new choices, understanding that everything that has been and everyone who has graced your life has been there for you to better embrace the human condition. You are not defined by the judgements of others…unless you allow it. You and you alone are meant to determine what will be your defining moments. My hope for you is that you will realise that every moment has played a vital role, painful or pleasurable, and no one experience, thought, event or judgement was ever meant to be singled out and worn as a badge of honour or shame. These things didn’t happen to you, they happened for you.
For some, this comes through a life-altering accident, a great revelation, an encounter with a guru or in a quiet moment of contemplation. The bottom line, the common denominator, the great breakthrough, comes from the simple recognition that you are, by choice, a participant in the life experience. For all of its horror and beauty, what you choose to make of it solely depends on YOU. And lest we forget, any moment can be the ONE.
Until next time… Shine On.

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