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||||||||||||||||| DR MARY HELEN HENSLEY BLOG

8 Bucket List Trip

Yet again, jet lag has created some much needed time to catch up on some writing. So much has happened in the last two weeks I hardly know where to begin. Being from a small town, I am well used to how the rumour mill can take on a life of its own, particularly when it comes to good intentioned folks who just want to know what’s going on. In a particularly interesting turn of events, my mother was admitted to the hospital on April 12th, what would have been my father’s 86th birthday. Following two emergency blood transfusions, Mom was taken to spend the night in the very room that my father had admitted to when he first became ill. According to Mom, it was the most comforting place she could have spent his birthday. The next two weeks I received multiple messages asking in earnest if it was true that Mom had been diagnosed with leukaemia. It wasn’t unthinkable following the transfusions and her sudden exhaustion, but this where the flip side of knowing how and when my parents die has paid off again.  Knowing in my heart that testing would reveal another culprit, I have never been so relieved to hear the diagnosis of iron deficiency anaemia caused by a bleeding ulcer. With this little episode under control, we could concentrate on the upcoming launch of a book of my father’s quotes, “The Pocket Coach”.
On the Friday before the Saturday launch, I had the great pleasure of speaking to a large group of 7th graders at a school in North Carolina. A high school friend of mine works in the school and asked me to talk to these amazing kids about writing, positive thinking and creating the lives they want to live. She is such an incredible influence on these youngsters and I was more than happy to spend time with these leaders of tomorrow.
In the question and answer session, one gorgeous fella with a head of blonde curls and the sweetest southern accent, raised his hand and asked what I think was a beautifully insightful question for a young man of twelve years.
“Dr. Hensley, do you have to have something like a near death experience in a car crash for your life to change?”
The room was silent as 100 pairs of ears waited for the answer. My reply was as follows.
“Any moment can be your car crash. It could right now; the words of a total stranger, a simple realisation that you are not the things that happen to you; the magic and power comes from the realisation that YOU and YOU alone determine who you are and how you will interpret the experiences that will shape your life.”
It was a powerful moment in my own life.
On Saturday morning, under a dark grey sky, more reminiscent of Ireland than May in Martinsville, Virginia; friends, family and a lovely outpouring of support from the community created an atmosphere of love and respect for the 20 strong authors who turned out to partake in the Binding Time Spring Book Festival. It was more like a reunion really, with old school friends, former coaches and players. Mom’s birthday celebration kicked off in style with an estimated 350 people stopping by to say hello. It truly was a marvellous day and Mom and I finished it off with a visit to the cemetery. Of course Dad is not there, but it was a way to symbolically mark the completion of a project that started over 30 years ago, when Dad first gifted me with a book of his thoughts and quotes.
Mom and I headed East on Monday morning on a Bucket List trip. First stop was Colonial Williamsburg for a rendezvous with my mom’s sister Joyce and her husband Billy. Ever a joy to be around, the laughter commenced and we had a ball reconnecting for Mom’s 84th birthday. Needless to say, when her birthday ended in a place called Mad About Chocolate, some serious calories were consumed and a great time was had by all.
The previous summer when my father was going through his death process, many signs pushed Mom and me towards a visit to the A.R.E., the Association for Research and Enlightenment founded by the “sleeping prophet”, Edgar Cayce. Too many things to discount as coincidence made it clear that when the time was right, Mom and I were to spend time at this facility. Born in Hopkinsville Kentucky, Cayce was world renowned for placing himself in a trance-like state, ‘reading’ a body and prescribing sometimes intricate solutions to healing the persons physical, emotional or spiritual state of well-being. With no medical education whatsoever, his readings were incredibly accurate and numbered over 14,000 by the time of his death in 1945. He also conducted numerous sessions that detailed clues to the lost continent of Atlantis, the ‘missing’ years of Jesus Christ and predictions of world changes that we are currently experiencing today.

Those who have read my work have often heard me speak of my Grandfather, Dr. Garland Clark, ”Judge”, as he was affectionately known by his family. Not only was he a well revered doctor and surgeon, he also had a little ‘secret’. His gifts of healing and precognition were revealed by my Grandmother just before she died, in the late 90’s. Interestingly, Judge, also a native of Kentucky, had met Edgar Cayce when he was 15, in Lexington, Kentucky.
On Thursday morning, Mom and I set out for Virginia Beach to see what Cayce had in store for us. When we arrived on Atlantic Avenue, I turned down a residential street in hopes of finding someone who could give us directions. We met the sweetest lady and had an impromptu conversation with this complete ‘stranger’, one of Mom’s absolute favourite pass times. When we pulled away, we had just gotten to the end of the street and I said to Mom,
“Her name was Sally Smith.” (Obviously changed for privacy).
Mom asked how I knew, and I said that I could see it on her check book. Mom revealed that the lady’s hands had been on her window and that she had no check book in her hand. I told her that it hadn’t been then, but I had just seen a ‘mind movie’ of the lady holding her check book and her name was Sally Smith. Being a big fan of “Murder She Wrote”, Mom was suddenly Jessica Fletcher as we turned the car around and pulled up next to our mystery friend’s home for a second time. Smiling, but a little confused, she walked over from her car and Mom gasped “Well, I declare!”
“Is your name Sally Smith? I asked, already sure of her answer.
“Why yes it is. How on Earth did you know that?” She chuckled, trying to hide her obvious curiosity.
Mom began to explain, which in and of itself was such a hoot. When she got to the part about the check book, Sally Smith lifted her hand as her jaw dropped.
“I had lost my check book and had come out to look for it when you pulled up for directions. When you drove away, I looked in the car and found that it had fallen between the seat and the door. That is uncanny.”Uncanny…I’ve always enjoyed that word.
We arrived at the A.R.E., took some photos to mark the occasion and headed inside. After watching a 30 minute film on Cayce’s life, Mom and I were taken on a private tour (not intended to be private but because strangely enough, no one else turned up). We had the most gentle and genuine tour guide. After our introductions, he revealed ‘surprise surprise’, that he was heading to Ireland the following month. He took us upstairs to the Cayce library, an extensive collection of books from all over the world on healing and the paranormal. John showed us the volumes that took up a wall and a half containing the 14,000 plus ‘readings’ conducted by Edgar Cayce throughout his illustrious career of service. On the opposite wall, were giant metal drawers full of thousands of ailments and the references to the readings that dealt with those particular conditions.
John casually walked over to the drawers and randomly pulled a file.
“Your mother might enjoy seeing an actual transcription of one of Cayce’s sessions.”
 There was a very palpable change in air as I opened the folder to see that he had pulled a case study on iron deficiency anaemia. Mom nearly fell out of her chair and I grinned, with a vision of Edgar Cayce and Judge in my mind, confirming for Mom that all would be well.
Still in shock by the surprise revelation in the library, Mom and I made our way to the lecture hall to be greeted by author, Robert Krajenke. An authority on Cayce’s interpretation of the Bible, this unassuming gentleman revealed that while he ordinarily had 20 plus in his class, Mom and I would be the only one’s today. Hmmmm….
After a most fascinating comparison of the book of Revelations to the Chakra system of the human body, he finished up by saying this had been a lovely birthday treat for him.
“Oh, is it your birthday? Mom’s birthday was yesterday.”
“Oh it isn’t today, mine was yesterday, May 7th, as well.” This time, Mom wasn’t the only one who nearly fell out of her chair.
In the pouring down rain, I was determined to walk the labyrinth; a replica of the eleven circuit labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France. It was a magical walk in my bare feet in the rain, checking off a very big box on my own Bucket List.
I’m back in Ireland for ten days before I head over to the States again to deliver the graduation speech at the school where my father was Headmaster. To say this is a great honour for me is an understatement. With gratitude and great excitement I look forward to returning to my alma-mater, setting alight the open minds of the Carlisle Class of 2013.
Remember folks, every moment has magic for those with eyes to see it. Follow your hearts and listen to your intuition. Your own magic is waiting just around the corner.
Until next time… 

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