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Forthcoming Courses 2017/2018

Date and Time Title of Course Price

23 February 2018

Metatronic Student Gathering €65

23 February 2018

Open Evening Group Healing €20

24-25 February 2018
10-6pm each day

Practitioner Course
Booking online ONLY
for this course:

4-8 July 2018
10-6pm each day

Crystal Radiance Course TBC

3-7 April 2019

Cosmic Course TBC

Bookings (except for Practitioners Course):
Contact Mairead at 087 7468583 or

An Introduction to Metatronic Healing

This event gives you the opportunity learn more about and to experience Metatronic Healing in this peaceful gathering at the Emmaus Centre Retreat. You will be introduced to the path that Metatronic Healing offers for new times to assist in both healing and spiritual awakening.
The group healing element brings a personal focus to each person present. Two Attunements open the doorway for the Transmissions to flow in and activate divine potential, which once recognised, can be further realised. These energies will then shine with greater clarity and power in you and through you. A wonderful gift as you live your life.
A deeply nourishing time, uplifting and inspiring for all. Come with your curiosity and that which you wish to receive healing for. All are warmly welcomed!

Who is Metatron and what is Metatronic Healing?
Metatron is said to be the angel of Divine Presence, the peace that passes all understanding. He is the Archangel who holds the interface between the human and the divine. As our “older spiritual brother” he knows precisely where we are and what we need to fulfil our spiritual potential. We may experience him as a deep spiritual friend and guide. Metatronic Healing® is the method that has evolved since Metatron first communicated with Pippa Merivale, the founder. He made two promises: one was that this method of healing would “lift the story from the body’s cellular memory” and the second was to activate the Heart Centre, to return us to our original spiritual nature.

How does it work?
The Transmissions of divine energy are delivered directly into the heart centre of everyone present, to travel through the spinal cord and flood the energy system with light. They ‘tune’ you in to a higher and more creative vibrational level, opening the portals of your entire being. The energy frequencies which you receive will clear you, feed you, fortify you, and activate your heart center. From the expansion which happens as a result of this, the divine template which underlies your physical structure is restored, returning your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies to health.

What happens in a class?
A combination of group healing, the gift of the attunements and transmissions, along with opportunities to share and ask questions. On the last day you are guided through the Metatronic Healing Protocols which allow you to use these 7 healing energies for yourself and others.

Where does it lead?
Once you have received the attunements and transmissions you may use their energies to deepen the healing both for yourself and others. Should you wish to continue your exploration there are five other courses which make up the totality of Metatronic Healing. This is a two-strand weave: personal healing and growing and for those who wish it, the Metatronic Healer Training. Whilst you may use Metatron’s energies for healing straight away, it is after the third course that you may become a registered Metatronic Healing® Practitioner.

Crystal Radiance - Advanced Course

Why do the Metatronic Courses happen in sequence?
This is how they have been given, and experience has repeatedly confirmed the perfection of Metatron's Plan: with every level, the frequencies grow more potent, more deep-acting, and each set builds on the work done at an earlier level, so they clear us and lift our awareness incrementally, one step at a time.
In this 5-day course of 13 Attunements and Transmissions, Metatron builds on the crystal frequencies you have met in Ancestral Songlines. Crystals represent divine geometric imprints on the physical plane, so they provide a direct pathway of communication with the higher matrix codes of consciousness. It's not surprising then to find that these frequencies – perhaps best understood as the energetic templates for the innate perfection of crystal structures – act deeply into the emotional body, where so many of the wounds of our experience are lodged.

Harnessing the Power of Emotion
Our emotional bodies – when tADVANCED 3hey are clogged and unprocessed – can keep us "stuck in the mud" of our lower and heavier emotions. But as the emotions are clarified, the intelligence and power within the emotional body can powerfully guide us on our inner journeys. Crystal energies help to break up congestion, so the crystal Transmissions dissolve emotional 'congestion' that has built up through the personal and collective myths that have accumulated of years, and light you up from the inside out.
Most of the crystal frequencies come from the depths of our own Earth, a few tektites are included: Moldavite, for instance, is believed to have landed on Earth from other planets. But crystals are also amplifiers: this mix of 'Earthly' and 'Off-Planet' frequencies creates a dynamic spectrum, stretching and strengthening your energy field as it connects you with wider spaces and grounding you ever-more firmly into the loving support of Earth, our home planet, giving you a more and more deeply felt sense of being 'home'. It extends your Metatronic 'reach' within your own life and your practice.

Your Crystalline Biology

The crystalline structure is inherent in our own bodies: the DNA and the blood system are themselves bio-crystalline mediums. This must be partly why crystals have so long been successfully used in healing: each crystal holds the purest embodiment of any particular ray, so they have traditionally acted like a tuning fork on the energy system, restoring the body's natural settings. As your emotional body integrates these frequencies of these crystal 'messengers', healing and strengthening as the higher-matrix information codes infuse your energetic wiring, your matrix will be open and ready to receive the expanded frequencies offered in the Cosmic Course, Music of the Spheres.

How will my Metatronic Path Deepen with this Course?

The emotional release is profound, so your entire being becomes lighter as the weight of painful emotions is lifted and you will find yourself relating more fluently and warmly with yourself and with those around you. But the emotional field is a source of tremendous power, so as this clarification deepens, your creative potential is activated and released: the innate power and energy of your emotion is released for creative use.
Along with this process, your healing skills deepen; you will harness the balancing, communicative energies of crystals to clear and cleanse not only human hearts and energy fields but also the spaces that hold us. Homes and environments are healed around you.


There are energy healing systems emerging in many places at this time of such acute pressure: what makes this one different? Why are people finding the Metatronic Healing path purer, deeper-acting and truer than anything else they have met? The unique combination of Attunements (a physical touch) and Transmissions (pure energy streams) work together in dynamic partnership. Each Attunement adjusts your energetic setting like a radio, to a particular wavelength, and each is followed by the Transmission which transports that wavelength into the subtle workings of your energy system, restoring the matrix of your being as it works with you through time.

Our perceptions have been filtered by our conditioning and experience: these have contracted our ideas of ourselves and therefore our capacity to create the lives we have hoped for. As the Metatronic frequencies step gently down to meet and embrace you wherever you are on your personal journey, the old 'tapes' that have run you from your unconscious mind to create lack and fear and discomfort are dissolved at exactly the pace that you can comfortably handle. Your energy body is cleared of confusion and heaviness and awakened into wisdom and love as you are reconnected with your Divine source.

As the imprint of old wounds and destructive patterns come up to the surface of your consciousness, dissolve, and gently leave, this creates more space within your energy field and your consciousness. The shifts in your matrix are permanent: the purity of your original blueprint is also developed, honed and fortified, so as you work through the Courses, receiving deeper and deeper restoration at each stage, you also integrate more deeply than before the experience you have gained through your life.

Ancient traditions have taught that we come into life innocent but unconscious: it is as if we descend the Tree of Life easily, through the force of gravity. Our return journey is harder work, but as the Metatronic energies dissolve the stories and limiting beliefs that have restricted you in the past, allowing you to let go of excess baggage to travel lighter and purer, then innocence – or 'Paradise', in Milton's words – begins to be regained. This new, empowered state of innocence, or conscious innocence – which is our ultimate goal in the Aquarian Age – can only be truly reached through awareness: this is the reason we go through the tests and trials of life on Earth. Metatron's frequencies and methods lead you towards the deep and fertile inner relationship that is vital to knowing yourself, to living in authentic power: as you let go of what doesn't work, you access more of what does. You bring more of your true, divinely-sourced Self into embodiment; you uncover your gifts and talents and purpose.

Metatron's promise, from the start, has been to activate the intelligence of the heart centre, the largest and most dynamic energy centre we possess. The programme of Metatronic Healing caters for a wide cross-section of needs. This includes those seeking personal healing, those who are on a path of consciousness – and those who are setting out to build a healing practice or to deepen the work you already do. The frequencies and methods have immediate, beneficial effects, and also support you in a cumulative way through time, working with you to transform your life from the inside out, as your enhanced energies quietly touch all that surrounds you.


Clare Glennon, co-Director of Metatronic Life with Pippa and John, is the friend that Pippa has long described as her "shepherd and anchor" as well as her close colleague and Metatronic partner. Clare's many years of bringing the subtlest and most potent of energy work to the mainstream and especially in relation to addicts in recovery, which she began originally through body-work and then through a variety of natural energy healing techniques, have given her a broad range of skills to call on in Metatronic Healing. She loves to shares the Metatronic work and does so with heart and authenticity.
Clare lives in Oxfordshire where she focuses her attention largely on the UK and Europe, and is also working closely with Richard to strengthen the practical training and build the Metatronic Practitioner Association, as the wider and deeper implications of Metatronic Healing continue to unfold. She will responds where possible to enquiries for courses in other locations and in Europe.


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