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do re mi

13 - A Little DO RE MI of Sunshine

What a wonderful Monday today was! A friend of mine dropped by the office for a visit with her gorgeous little girl. Little Emily was full of chat and when she realised that she was there for her very own healing session, she bounced up on to the table, ready to go. Children are amazing beings. The questions they ask are without reservation, without hesitation and are in earnest, not laced with suspicion or fear. They simply want to know why.

Straight away, Emily spotted my tuning forks. I explained to her that who she really is, is living inside of her body. That she is not the body, but that the body is allowing her to experience life on Earth. Who she really is, a beautiful, divine being of pure energy, loves to take a bath in sound, to clean off the muck of life, just like her body loves to bathe in water. Happy out with that explanation, she giggled and said that the sounds tickled her all over. She also sang and perfectly matched each tone as it moved through her energy field. It was simply stunning to watch.

Nikola Tesla, the Siberian/American electromagnetic genius is quoted as saying,

"If only you knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9 frequencies, then you would have the key to the Universe".

The root vibrational numbers of the six original Solfeggio frequencies are 3, 6 and 9 according to the Pythagorean method. In the book of Genesis, there is clear mention of the six days of creation. The Bible, under the influence of the Near Eastern culture at the time of the life of Jesus, puts forth the number seven as 'the number of completeness'. It was believed during this era that there were seven planets. There are many scientists who believe that our world was 'vibrated' into existence. The Biblical reference to the six days or sounds of creation is a possible clue that today's researchers may not be the only ones subscribing to that theory.

When I began using the Solfeggio tuning forks in my work, I wasn't expecting the changes that would occur, not only in my patients, but in me. The prospects of the Solfeggio frequencies and vibrational healing are ancient and from a world which no longer exists. They are only returning full circle, in their infancy, in modern science. The concept of DNA repair with the use of specific frequencies, hands back the consciousness that no one heals us but us, and it makes me smile all over. It is pure, it is the conscious creation of a perfect state of being and it is the direction that I shall continue to head, because in my heart, I know it to be true.

When Emily had been cleared out with the entire set of Solfeggio frequencies, she hopped off the table, grabbed her mother by the hand and said,

"O.K. Mrs., it's your turn. Get up there". Her mother obliged and got up on the table. Almost instinctively, Emily grabbed the 528 Hz, which relates to the note MI on the original musical scale and derives from the phrase, "MI-ra-gestorum", which in Latin translates to 'miracle'. This is the exact frequency currently being used by bio geneticists to repair broken DNA, the

genetic blueprint upon which life is based. When she began to strike the fork with the small, rubber mallet, I noticed something. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures as she moved up and down her mother's body. Emily wasn't alone.

When she finished with her Mom, she looked at me and said with authority,

"You're next, Mrs.!"

Before I got on the table, I showed her mother what I had been seeing. Amazingly, they had turned up in the pictures. We swapped places and now it was Emily's Mom taking the pictures of her precious little girl, facilitating a healing for me. Again, she wasn't on her own.

I must say, I was absolutely delighted that my friend was able to witness this beautiful moment with her child but I was equally as thrilled that I wasn't the only one who saw it. So often, I sit behind closed doors in awe of the miracles taking place all around me, wishing that others could see it the way I do. Today, a mother and daughter got to share in a most amazing experience together and I was fortunate enough to be there to see and feel it with them.

Never doubt that the children coming in to this world aren't coming in already programmed with the knowledge and abilities that will assist them in changing the current state of the world to a higher vibration. There is order and wisdom in the grand scheme, and today was a spectacular reminder that our future is in really good hands.

To love, honour and respect the children around us with constant reinforcement of their vivid and wild imaginations…that's our role. The continuation of our species depends on it. We cannot overprotect those who have come to change the world and we must not 'mainstream the magic' right out of them, simply because we may not understand or remember it ourselves. When children tell us that they can see or hear things that we might not be able to perceive, believe them anyway and let them know that it's perfectly ok to interpret the world around them in whatever way it makes sense to them. You never know, if you release your inhibitions, you may eventually see a little magic yourself!

All of this brings to mind a movie recently released called "Epic". It's currently playing in cinemas and states best my thinking on this matter.

"Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there". What a powerful message to send out to our young people. I highly recommend the film to children of ALL ages.

Thanks to little Emily and her Mom, for sharing this Do Re MI of sunshine with us all.

Until next time…

Shine On

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