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||||||||||||||||| GABRIELA GOMEZ

Pineal Activation®gabriela photo

Pineal Gland Activation® is a 2 day New Energy training course. During the workshop you will receive a manual, a CD and a diploma, which will allow you to practice as a professional Pineal Activator. You will be able to offer 3 powerful protocols or pineal activation sessions.


The paradigm shift of the New Energy asks us to switch from a pattern based on the influence of the brain’s memory and assessment to a plan based on quantum intuition-association. Other civilizations went through the same transformation: to become quantum. It is a natural process experimented by all rising Beings. Our 3D brain is evolving and its operating system is linear, in order to seize multidimensionality.

One can say that 2 brains exist:

The 1st Brain: Is the one we know. It commands memory and assessment. It is analytical and is a wonderful tool for the 3D. All we have experienced is in the brain, which memorizes everything and tells us how to act and what to believe based on historical data and our own life experiences.

BUT the brain works linearly, therefore it does not know what is happening in the physical body because it is not connected with the cellular consciousness that is in quantum state. It does not know anything about our past because it has no access to our akashic memory, which is in a quantum state, it does not know anything about our future because it does not have access to our potentials, which are also in a quantum state…

The 2d Brain: the Pineal Gland and the Pineal Circuit. The opening of the Pineal Gland and the Pineal Circuit. Opens the gate through which we connect with our quantum side, that is to say: 

The Presence I AM.
The body’s Inner intelligencepineal 1
The body’s akashic wisdom
Infinite potentials

The union between these two brains is the next step of evolution for the divine human. Once this is achieved, we will be totally self-sufficient Beings. 


If we have 2 brains and by unifying them we would become self-sufficient, how can we interpret consciousness? (the capability to know oneself and those surrounding us)

Consciousness is not in the 3D brain and it cannot be confined because it is everywhere. Consciousness is quantum because it embraces-except for our 3D I AM – our multidimensional reality. In order to change our consciousness level we HAVE TO include multidimensionality.


When the brain (the mental) takes control, and it has done so for a very long time, it sees everything according to what he remembers and he remembered the dramatic facts. It calculates the future subsequently and in accordance to experience in this lifetime and as a result, cannot “think outside the box”, outside of personal life experiences on Earth. Therefore, it cannot conceive a peaceful future for the planet because peace on Earth never existed.

When the pineal gland takes over, it connects us with our Essence, with our highest multidimensional level and even with potentials that NEVER came into existence but which are waiting to be materialized: Peace on earth.

For us, spirituality seekers, the pineal gland is an advanced technology received from the Universe’s geneticists.

It is a biological- spiritual device created to:
– Be the portal to the Presence I AM.
– Calibrate the dimensional difference between Earth and other dimensions
– To recognize the Lattice frequency of the Earth and beyond.
– To detect changes in the dimensional plans that we perceive as tinnitus. This warns us in order to avoid harmful energies.
– The pineal gland starts a chain of devices: the Pineal Circuit that will bridge between this dimension and subtle plans, in which we have been created.


It is made out of a series of 7 glands. It’s action is to allow extrasensory development and human perception. It controls the 3D DNA programming, specially the following systems: Endocrinal, Lymphatic and Immune. It is like a dimensional chamber that has been asleep for a very long time or blocked because of low planetary vibration, which was not allowed to function. This blockage prevented up to now, to see the different dimensional planes and to capture other realities.

Science studies these glands as separate pieces. Today as the Planet enters a new evolution cycle, it is important to understand that this set of glands and organs form a Master Circuit, which connects us to our multidimensionality.

These glands contain crystallized light particles, which settled in the brain cavity. Each one represents high dimensional elements, which have remained inactive.

To activate the Pineal Circuit will change the idea of who we are since we now know that our brain is made of extra- sensorial tools, which convert us into inter- dimensional antennas.

Gabriela Gomez Biography

In this incarnation, my soul chose music as my life expression, I followed my passion and I was lead to study music to become a professional singer of baroque music, choir director and composer. During many years, I had a “normal” life as musician until my consciousness opened and I had a spiritual awakening. Due to this opening, I understood why I had spent 25 years of my life as a musician. In reality, I was “preparing” myself for what was to come; I was learning to master the musical tools to be able to use them to help evolve consciousness. Out of the two parts of my passion: music and evolution, were born my workshops and teachings, that hold the primary intention to become conscious of Who we are in reality.

I am often asked, how do I receive the information that I use in my work and I explain that my channel is a musical channel, which enables me to receive non audible frequencies, subtle, and I translate them into simple melodies that all can sing. I call them conductor frequencies of consciousness because they function like powerful evolutionary catalyzers.

It has been 15 years that I travel the world with my workshops and teachings. DNA Activation by Singing®, Quantum DNA Technique®, Activation of the Pineal Gland® complete a trilogy that holds the intention to help souls understand that the ascension is a process of re integrating our dimensionality and that it is through the  activation of the DNA quantum field that we will manage to do this.

Solar Body Activation®, brings us a profound understanding of our universal and spiritual origin and the teaching of the Mastery of Unitary Reiki, the Reiki of Sound®, brings us a powerful tool to use the voice as a vibrational expression of our divinity.

If you have come to me, it is most probably because your soul is showing you the path of music as an important door to your evolution. I hope to have the joy to sing with you and bring a small contribution to your path. With love, Gabriela.


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