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||||||||||||||||| THERESE MCAULIFFE



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17-19 November 2017

Integrated Energy Therapy Workshop
Location TBC
Malahide, Co Dublin


Therese is a very passionate healer and angel lady. She works diligently at helping others to experience the wellspring of love that resides both within them and around them. 

She took the brave plunge many years ago and answered the calling of her soul to serve as a compassionate channel and serve humanity by working with pure Light and Love. She offers her services in a caring, professional and responsible manner. Therese has a deep love of the angels and has an outstanding reputation with her students and clients alike. She has a burning desire to share her gifts of healing, wisdom and knowledge with others.

She has traveled the world to learn from the best and has attended a Divine Love retreat with
Dr Wayne Dyer in Maui Hawaii in 2013.

She is a Master Instructor of the Integrated Energy Therapy Ray of Healing and has been awarded a certificate in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 by The Centre Of Being In America for becoming one of the top instructors worldwide in this healing modality. 

Therese recently located and is now in a position to offer many more workshops in the Dublin area. 

There is a very special offering of an Intensive IET weekend in Malahide Co Dublin from November 17-19th. This weekend offers you certification in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level IET. This is an international qualification and can be insured and practiced worldwide. 

More information can be found in the website below.


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