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3) Why the Tri...?

Nearly ten years ago, not too long after my first daughter was born, I began to see the very familiar signs in her that my own mother had seen in me, some forty three years earlier. Jemma Skye was talking to ‘thin air’, knowledgeable about things that someone her age shouldn’t know, and prophetic in her tone about events which would inevitably come true. Then, there was the whole relationship she had with people who had long since passed from this world to the next. Two years later, Jada Pacifica came along, and low and behold, I had been blessed with not one, but two mysteriously gifted girls…So I decided I better do something.
When I was a child, my parents were loving, supportive and a little freaked out. They could not deny the strange behaviour coming from their youngest child. They were both Christian, extremely active in their church community but were forced to think outside of the box when my very being challenged a few of the dogmas that Christianity required for membership. You see, I came with no manual, no “How To” handbook, and it wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that all was revealed about my mother’s father, and his ‘special secret gifts’.
Because I more or less did this whole psychic thing on my own growing up, I didn’t want my girls to have to reinvent the karmic wheel. For them, I decided to pen the story of my life so they would never feel weird, awkward or frightened about being different. Luckily for me, I had kept journals all of my life. Only for the fact that I had written the stuff as it happened would I believe some of it myself! My

mother, a very talented, undiscovered writer, had also written down what seemed like every word that had come out of my mouth since birth. I suppose it was all so bizarre…why wouldn’t she? Without her, my stories would have never made it to the mainstream.By the time I had arrived to Ireland in my story, the first book suddenly seemed to finish itself. Even I was hanging on the edge of the cliff to see what would happen next, and I had already lived the contents of the sequel to “Promised”. “Circles of Light” picked up right where “Promised” left off, accomplishing several goals. The information, while insightful and uplifting, is pretty heavy. The natural break between the first two books would give people the chance to digest and breath. It also left them wanting more, and I had oh, so much more to give them. “Circles of Light” brought me, a character with some super cool, otherworldly experiences, back down to Earth, as I shared the very real and traumatic experiences from my more ‘normal’ encounters, from childbirth to relationship loss to bankruptcy. The idea was to make myself real and accessible to my audience. Strange as I am, I am human. Again, there was a natural progression and end to these chapters of my adventure, leading to the build-up of the first-hand accounts of the beautiful people that I have touched as a healer, and in turn, how their own stories have changed my life. My father’s powerfully moving experience with Alzheimers and his own final farewell became the perfect ending to “The Land Beyond the River”. 
I continue to write, and I’m currently working on a children’s book and an epic tale that spans millennia, entitled “Apotheosis”. So my own story remains a trilogy…for now.

Mary Helen is available for individual sessions:
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